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Bartonella treatment alcohol-free

Bartonella treatment alcohol-free

536.79 to renew 1 time

This pack must be added to the basic or extended protocol.

Treatment should be started 15 weeks after the start of the basic or extended protocol.

This pack has sufficient quantities for the first 34 weeks of total treatment, you must renew the purchase of this pack 1 time to treat yourself for 68 weeks until week 83.





Basic or Extended* protocol alcohol-free (68 weeks)

Weeks 1 2 3 4-68 Total
Polygonum c. (per day in 3 times) 3 6 9 12 7406 capsules
Andrographis p. (per day in 3 times) 3 6 9 12 7406 capsules
Uncaria t. (per day in 3 times) 3 6 9 12 7406 capsules
*Scutellaria b. (per day in 3 times) 1,5ml 2ml 2,5ml 3ml 1407 ml
*Salvia m. (per day in 3 times) 1,5ml 2ml 2,5ml 3ml 1407 ml


Bartonella treatment alcohol-free (68 weeks)

Weeks 15-83 Total
Sida a. (per day in 3 times) 1,5 ml 714 ml
Crataegus o. (per day in 3 times) 1,5 ml 714 ml
Houttuynia c. (per day in 3 times) 1,5 ml 1428 ml
EGCG (per day in 2 times) 2 952 capsules
Arginine (per day in 3 times) 3 1428 capsules
Silybum m. (per day in 3 times) 6 2856 capsules


This pack contains


Sida acuta

4 bottles of 100ml alcohol-free in a 1:1 dilution

Sida acuta is classified as a systemic herb. Sida acuta has a very broad spectrum of antimicrobial activity and, by the way, will also work on Babesia and Bartonella. It helps not only with tremors, but also with the rather common symptom of “buzzing” or “electricity flowing through the body”. This herb also reduces Lyme neurotoxins (e.g. quinolinic acid). It also shows a protective effect against erythrocytes (red blood cells) which is particularly important in Babesia and Bartonella infections.
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Crataegus oxyacantha. / Hawthorn berry

4 bottles of 100ml alcohol-free in a 1:1 dilution

Hawthorn (Lat. Crataegus oxyacantha) is effective in connection with almost all symptoms of heart disease: atherosclerosis, cardiac arrhythmia, congestive heart failure, hypertension and peripheral vascular disease. The plant lowers blood pressure, dilates blood vessels throughout the body, lowers blood cholesterol levels, regulates heart rate, slows and normalizes heartbeat. People with low blood pressure should avoid Hawthorn.
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Houttuynia cordata. / Houttuynia

8 bottles of 100ml alcohol-free in a 1:1 dilution

Houttuynia cordata is a herb used for Lyme, Bartonella and Mycoplasma infections. It is also a herb with strong antiviral properties. It inhibits viral replication and prevents viral infections. Houttuynia has immunomodulatory and anti-inflammatory properties. Houttuynia has
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6 boxes of 90 capsules of 400mg

EGCG is the most active catechin found in green tea which determines its health-promoting properties. This compound is an extremely powerful antioxidant, neutralising free radicals. EGCG has stronger antioxidant properties than vitamins C and E. EGCG also has neuroprotective effects. This substance has a significant effect on the body’s immunity as it increases the number of the so-called regulatory T lymphocytes (Treg) – cells belonging to the immune system, which are mainly responsible for inhibiting the immune response, including autoimmunity. EGCG supports the metabolism, being an element in the prevention of atherosclerosis. Furthermore, EGCG lowers blood pressure and thus reduces the risk of stroke or cardiovascular episodes. EGCG also helps to lower glucose levels. EGCG should not be used by people with a diagnosed hypersensitivity to caffeine.
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3 boxes of 250 capsules of 500mg

L-arginine is an amino acid from the endogenous group, used in many physiological processes of human metabolism. Its main function is the production of nitric oxide (NO), whose main action is to facilitate the transport of nutrients to muscle tissue. L-arginine influences the dilation of blood vessels. It also participates in such processes as the synthesis of growth hormone and detoxification of harmful metabolic products. It may help with erectile dysfunction and improve sexual function. It helps relax blood vessels so that more oxygen-rich blood can circulate in the arteries. Unobstructed blood flow to the penile arteries is essential for the proper functioning of this organ. L-arginine should not be used by people suffering from asthma, problems with bile duct patency, high blood pressure, digestive disorders, hypersensitivity and impaired kidney function and liver failure. Arginine should not be used by people suffering from schizophrenia. Long-term use of the supplement (without a break period) may lead to the production of excessive amounts of nitric oxide, resulting in increased blood pressure and decreased heart muscle performance. Gastrointestinal problems can also occur.
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Silybum marianum / Milk Thistle

8 boxes of 180 capsules of 200mg

Milk thistle (Lat. Silybum marianum) has a positive effect on liver function. It protects the liver against toxic and pathogenic factors. It stimulates liver cleansing and regeneration of a damaged liver. It shows antioxidant and immunostimulating properties.
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Usage precautions


  • This treatment is effective in addition to the basic or extended protocol.
  • Sida Acuta is a hypoglycemic herb and may affect diabetes medications. If you have diabetes, watch your blood sugar.

Protocol to choose

The treatment of Bartonella co-infection cannot be independent of one of the two proposed protocols. We remind you that the Bartonella treatment is calculated for a period of 34 weeks starting on the fifteenth week of the basic or extended protocol which lasts 68 weeks.


Basic protocol


Extended protocol


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