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Burbur liquid supplements are derived from the Desmodium molliculum plant native to South America. The extract of this plant provides cleansing support and detoxifying properties. Ideal and effective in case of Herx reaction that may appear during the start of the basic protocol.



As soon as you feel the start of a Herx reaction, you can put 10 drops of Burbur in 30ml of water, wait 1 minute for the mother tincture to be well diluted. To be taken twice a day until improvement.


This pack contains



1 bottle of 100ml with alcohol in a 1:2 dilution

Burbur by Nutramedix is an extract made from the leaves of Desmodium molliculum. The herb is traditionally used to cleanse the body. It is very effective in supporting detoxification of the liver, kidneys, lymphatic system and cellular matrix. It protects the liver from external toxins such as certain chemicals and toxic moulds. It also alleviates the Herx response, the unwanted effects of pathogen die-offs.



Protocol to choose

Burbur is taken in addition to the basic protocol in order to treat a possible Herx reaction.


Basic protocol


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